Fits all Futsal

To cater the ever increasing student’s craze for futsal, an international standard futsal facility is provided to all the students from standard-1 to standard-12 within the school premises. Student are encouraged to participate in futsal activities turn by turn regularly

The Hostel

The hostel is located on the school premises. We have a separate hostel arrangement for boys and girls. Each dormitory is provided with enough washrooms and toilets with running hot water from the solar panels for the comfort of the children. The resident Hostel Superintendent and the Matron, in addition to supervising their studies with other residential and day tutors, act as friends, mentors and guides for the hostel inmates.

Medical Care

Additionally, Rajesh Bhattarai (MD), a pediatrician from the Kanti Children Hospital, Kathmandu is at hand. He pays regular visits to the school/hostel to attend to the general as well as specific medical problems of students. The school has its own infirmary with separate beds for the sick. This infirmary is staffed by trained medical professionals.


Boarders are provided with a well balanced diet which is hygienically prepared. A boarder is provided with four meals a day. The normal diet consists of Nepali dishes and a vegetarian diet is also available for vegetarian students. On special occasions and festivals a special menu is prepared.

Well-furnished Classrooms

Spacious, airy and well-furnished classrooms with white boards/ Smart boards and other necessary teaching materials.A limited number of students in every class so that the teacher can give personal attention and individual guidance to each child.

Educational Tours

Oraganized field trips, excursions and educational tours.

Audio visual class

Audio-Visual Aids and Over-Head Projectors