Chairman's Message

From the desk of the founder

We are committed to excellence in education by striving to develop within students the ability to think clearly, communicate effectively and value human and cultural diversity. We provide our students with exceptional opportunities for academic and personality development.

At BBS, students are to participate in Yoga practice and Meditation compulsorily. Studies of the Geeta (theme) is made compulsory to all the students. We encourage free interaction with parents and guardians and we always welcome discussions / suggetions on various issues concerning their ward’s multidimensional activities.

School has installed smart Boards for each class Basic and Secondary level students. Hence all classes are smart class with internet conections. It helps students to have the indepth skill of the subject matter. your are assured for the best quality service from this institution. If, howevr for any reason, you feel something is lacking, we are always at your service.


Chairman of the School